Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

I feel like writing in English, deal with it.

Okay so maybe our idea wasn't that brilliant, since today is the 1st of May ( happy labour day austria!) and we still haven't even finished casting all main role for Les Mis. We're gonna do that on Friday, and then maybe we can start filming. Or not.
Idek anymore what I did this weekend. I met with Irene for about an hour, to plan stuff. The first casting on Monday went well, and we have some really good singers. Like one guy, the only one who auditioned for Marius? Damn. And there was drama because of this one girl who blamed Catalina for screwing up but whatver. Today was the Katherine Church Award thingy, and the least I can say it was wayyy better than Ed Kelly, not just because we got free dinner. The wrong girl won though. Apparently nobody in the school likes her, and I wanted Kawina's sister to win. Like, I didn't care in the beginning, but everybody's clubs and stuff were listed, and the other girls were in Math Honer society and blabla and she was in Go Green and DECA and GSA  so yeah OF COURSE SHE DIDN'T WIN WE'RE IN WEST VIRGINIA AFTER ALL (GSA is Gay Straight Alliance...) But the food was really good. Reaally good.

So here I am, screwing my life up again, because again I'm too fucking shy/awkward to ask to go to this concert and aaaaaah why. Don't ask. It's on a sunday.
I also got invited to do a presentation on Austria for the club that hosted the award and we Exchange Students have to all give one to the Boy Scouts an like two weeks. Which sucks because I'm not a fan of the Boy Scouts. You can guess the reason (Hint: It's about gay people.) And there's literally only 17 days of school left for us seniors, which is kinda mindblowing. And 5 of those 17 there's WES-Test, which means no school. So like not even two weeks of school. Holy shit. I got my cap and gown btw, and it looks hideous. The color is egg-yellow, and it's actually the most unflatterig thing I've ever worn. The boys get black one's OF COURSE. Sexist. (just kidding but not really)
And I finally have my prom dress. How much? 0$, I borrowed it from Irene's sister. Not exactly my dream dress, and a bit too slutty around my boobs, so I might look into the church dress givaway. Soon, cause prom is next weekend. (I'll end up wearing this one.) Shoes too. Ugh.
Oh and now both Irene and Catalina are dating guys and I'm just sitting there I don't even want to date, American boys are not my type of boys. Boys are not my type of boys. (I'm not coming out, I'm just annoyed by the dating culture here.) Catalina got her letter with the info for going home already, I'm still waiting on my but it might take a while since I moved like 93747 times. By now, I'm starting to get a bit sad and melancholic, but the good kind of sad, you know? Like, it wasn't so shitty after all, so saying goodbye is not as easy as I thought it would be. (The US still sucks, but some people are really great.) It's only 54 days left, and That's really, really not much at all. And I keep seeing pictures my friends back home took, and what if fitting in again isn't that easy? They all care so much about what other people think of them, and while there's definitely less drama, there's so much more judgement for petty things like clothes and the way you talk and your hobbies. I just don't care anymore what the world thinks of me, and I feel like back home I have to care because I don't want to embarass my friends because they care and...yeah, maybe. We'll see. And the whole school thing come closer and closer, and I'll just be so overwhelmed by the amout of work I'll have to do next year, because right now I literally do nothing in school. (And my german is awkward too)

Anyways, the thing I'm worrying about rn is that these concert tickets are gonna be gone too before I can bring up the courage to ask my Hostparents. If they're gone tomorrow fate didn't want me to be happy. Wish me luck.

/end of english. jealous?

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